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Summer Grove Condominiums is proud to offer the following resources for tenants and future tenants:

Tenant online access to Property Information

Click HERE for preliminary application - Tenant portal

Use our Quick Review for indication of possible approval prior to spending anything, (approval still subject to final application and fee) We recommend income of 3x rent.

Tenant Resources

Cox Communications - Exclusive provider of high speed broadband internet, digital cable and phone for Summer Grove

Demco - your link to our Electricity provider - for customer service call: 225-261-1221

RentoMeter - compare online our lease rates to other properties, we think we are a good deal!

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Tenants: For issues, concerns or feedback for improvement, send a text message or leave a voicemail at (225) 412-1149

With its many palm trees and tropical courtyards, the 80 unit Summer Grove Condominiums Complex can be your affordable rental home of choice. This property has been newly renovated for leasing up in spring of 2008 with a capital investment of over $1.5 million.